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I write things about things.

I'm an award-winning video games writer, but don't hold that against me. I occasionally have good ideas.

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Open uri20160926 9532 mbvqnv article
The Telegraph

Meet Devolver Digital, gaming's own Death Row Records

If you have played an indie game in the past seven years, chances are you will recognise the name Devolver Digital....

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The man you've killed the most

You may not have heard of Yuri Lowenthal, but you've heard his voice. You've also most likely hurt him before. Hell, you've probably even killed him. As pro…...

Broken sword 5 2 xlarge trans  njjoebt78qiaydkjdey4cngtjfjs74myhny6w3gnbo8 article
The Telegraph

Broken Sword creator Charles Cecil on 30 years of adventure games, publishers and serendipity

Kirk McKeand. 24 March 2016 • 7:01am. Do you believe in fate? Veteran adventure-game designer and co-founder of Revolution Software Charles Cecil does....

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I'm a virtual human trafficker in Elite: Dangerous

When I first booted up Elite: Dangerous, I dreamed of being a space pirate. “Captain McKirk” appearing on a ship’s targeting system would surely strike fear into the hearts of players throughout the game’s universe. But the reality was slightly less exciting, and it involved coffee. Lots of coffee...

Town of light 2d slides under para 15 xlarge trans  h3iq9dbozjhq6j4dozpriqdxh4k53ycjqmxfv7lmuqw article
The Telegraph

The Town of Light: How a video game is shining a torch on the history of mental health institutes

The Town of Light is due to release on 26 February on PC, Mac and Linux. Kirk McKeand, in Tuscany. 1 February 2016 • 9:20am. With games like That Dragon, ......

50shadesofgame1280jpg 6e547d 1280w article

Red vs. Green: Gaming with Colour Blindness - IGN

The issue affects millions of people, but what are games doing to minimise the impact?...

Cobaltheader article
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Wot I Think: Cobalt

Wot I Think: Cobalt. By Kirk McKeand on February 1st, 2016 at 5:00 pm. Share this: Facebook · Twitter · Reddit · Cobalt is about a tiny, blue, quick-witted ......

Xcom2 sniper xlarge trans  njjoebt78qiaydkjdey4cngtjfjs74myhny6w3gnbo8 article
The Telegraph

XCOM 2 review: 'a truly remarkable strategy game'

Kirk McKeand. 15 February 2016 • 8:07am. One of XCOM: Enemy Unknown's defining characteristics is how unforgiving it was. The invading alien force was ......

Assassins creed syndicate xlarge article
The Telegraph

Assassin's Creed Syndicate review: 'an unfortunate misstep'

Assassin's Creed Syndicate provides a fantastic facsimile of Victorian London, but clumsy controls and tedious missions spoil the fun, says Kirk McKeand...

Fallout 4 screenshot paul revere xlarge article
The Telegraph

Fallout 4 review: 'unmissable'

Fallout 4's brilliance is in staying fresh despite familiar foundations, writes Kirk McKeand....

Home biz r225x225 article

Alone in the dark: The making of Home – A Unique Horror Adventure

There's a general understanding that, even in the often daring arena that is mobile gaming, indies are inclined to take more risks with their releases than the big boys. Right at the front of this......

Open uri20140408 4294 rd9w5v article

Unfolding story: The making of Tearaway | Pocket | PGBIZ

Unfolding story: The making of Tearaway | Pocket Ga...

Header2 article
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

The 25 Best Co-Op Games On PC | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Login · RPS Feature Tell Your Friends. The 25 Best Co-Op Games Ever Made. By Kirk McKeand on June 18th, 2015 at 8:00 pm. Share this: Facebook · Twitter ......

Hideo kojima xlarge article
The Telegraph

Farewell sausage: Why Hideo Kojima leaving Konami is a good thing

Sep 7, 2015 ... ... sausage: Why Hideo Kojima leaving Konami is a good thing. Hideo Kojima is leaving Konami after 30 years with the company. Kirk McKeand....

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