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I'm an award-winning video games writer, but don't hold that against me. I occasionally have good ideas.

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Rainbow 20six 20siege article

Rainbow Six Siege won't have a single-player campaign

Bad news for solo infiltrators - Rainbow Six: Siege won't have a story mode. After completing the training, it looks like single-player will be restricted to hot bot action within the game's initial offering of arenas. ...

Hitman 20absolution 20bundle 0 article

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is free for today only

You can grab Hitman 2: Silent Assassin for free on the Square Enix Store right now, but you'll have to be quick because the promotion ends today....

Minecraft 0 article

Minecraft on Windows 10 is getting Oculus Rift support

At the Oculus Connect 2's opening talks, Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey revealed that Minecraft Windows 10 Edition will be available on the Rift in spring 2016....

Epsilon 201 1 article

Serellan announces American-free, squad-based FPS Epsilon

Made up of industry veterans with sexy CVs that cover development on games like SWAT, Halo, Gost Recon and more, indie outfit Serellan have announced the release of Epsilon, an Unreal 4 powered squad shooter with a focus on single-player gunplay, tactics and planning. The FPS takes place in the...

Syndicate 0 article

Assassin's Creed Syndicate's story trailer reveals your hit list

Cor blimey, guvnor, it's only a new Assassin's Creed Syndicate trailer. This one focuses on the overall plot, which seems to be: kill all the Templars. Business as usual, then. ...

Bedlam article

Bedlam is a hyperactive, first-person trip down memory lane and it's out now

Based on a novel by cult Scottish author Christopher Brookmyre, Bedlam takes us on a tour through videogame's past in first-person, nodding and winking at classics along the way....

Mirrors 20edge 201 article

Mirror's Edge Catalyst's TGS trailer shows a dystopian future where "personal freedom comes at a price"

I'm so happy Mirror's Edge is getting a sequel, or reimagining, or whatever - you're not my dad! Anyway, the first game had so much promise - felt really fresh, had a striking visual style, with its clean lines and primary colours, and it even had a couple of standout...

Sociable 20soccer 0 article

Sociable Soccer goes it alone - Kickstarter cancelled

The Kickstarter for Sociable Soccer, the spiritual successor to '90s football classic Sensible Soccer, has been cancelled after just two weeks. ...

Win10 0 1 article

Windows 10 is being used by a quarter of all Steam gamers

It turns out there are lots of people like me that are daft enough to download a new OS almost as soon as it releases. In fact, the latest figures from Steam reveal that almost 25% of all its users are running either the 64bit or 32bit version of Microsoft's...

Headshot article

Twitch plays Fallout 3, but will they nuke Megaton?

Hey everyone, it's another week so Twitch are collectively playing a game again. We've already seen them beat Pokemon, and they're currently battering their way through a modified, kind of turn-based version of Dark Souls - they've already beaten notorious bastards Ornstein and Smough....

Star 20citizen 20concorde 201 article

Star Citizen PC | PCGamesN

Star Citizen PC Game at reviews, news, previews and release dates...

Bundle article

There are 12 days left to get the Total War Humble Bundle

The latest Humble Bundle is all about the art of war. If you've ever been interested in Creative Assembly's long-running Total War series, now seems like a pretty good time to grab them and support a good cause at the same time....

Uplay article

Uplay's new update lets you import your Steam friends and introduces the Ubisoft Club

Ah, Uplay, how PC gamers love you. Click on any Ubisoft game on Steam and if it requires Uplay to run you will often see glowing praise in the comments beneath; pages and pages of people excited to use the service. Oh, wait - I meant the exact opposite of...

Fallout 204 article

Bethesda not ready to announce minimum spec requirements for Fallout 4 just yet

Despite not being that far away, and with many PC owners wanting to know if they need to upgrade their rig to have the best experience in Fallout 4's dangerous wasteland, Bethesda aren't ready to reveal the recommended specs just yet. ...

Starcit3 article

Star Citizen alpha v1.2 adds its social module

You have to admire the ambition of Star Citizen - a massive, persistent universe with both space and on-foot combat. Each of the game's disparate elements are slowly being tested separately, but the plan is to eventually merge these modules into a monster of an online game. The game's site...