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Kirk McKeand

I write things about things.

I'm an award-winning video games writer, but don't hold that against me. I occasionally have good ideas.

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Home biz r225x225 article

Alone in the dark: The making of Home – A Unique Horror Adventure

There's a general understanding that, even in the often daring arena that is mobile gaming, indies are inclined to take more risks with their releases than the big boys. Right at the front of this......

Open uri20140408 4294 rd9w5v article

Unfolding story: The making of Tearaway | Pocket | PGBIZ

Unfolding story: The making of Tearaway | Pocket Ga...

Space ageicon r225x225 article

How mashing up Forbidden Planet and Cannon Fodder resulted in Space Age

When you think of the cosmos in video games your brain likely conjures up images of dilapidated space stations, rocky planetoids and a thousand twinkling stars. Developer Big Bucket's vision in it......

Skulls r225x225 article

Multiplatform master: The making of Skulls of the Shogun

If there's one genre that translates well across console, PC and mobile, it's strategy. Gone is any issue to do with controls - twitch reflexes and accurate inputs aren't a factor. Rather, the sed......

Adarkroom r225x225 article

Shedding light: The making of A Dark Room

In an industry infatuated with flashy visuals and polygon-fueled emotion, it's easy to forget how powerful the written word is. Strip back everything and, like a good book, a game can wrap the pla......

Stringio article

A tale of time and space: The making of Rymdkapsel

Aug 15, 2013 ... Publisher: Grapefrukt. Genre: Strategy. by Kirk Mckeand .... 2013 In Review: contributor Kirk Mckeand · Opinion: It's time to ......

Open uri20140105 24964 c67yxo article

Leaving the bastards behind: The making of Stealth Inc: A Clone in The Dark

Oct 2, 2013... Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark. Developer: Curve Studios. Publisher: Curve Studios. Genre: Platform, Puzzle, Stealth. by Kirk Mckeand ......

Open uri20140105 24964 1vic5lx article

A link between two worlds: The making of Oceanhorn

Dec 10, 2013 ... Product: Oceanhorn. Developer: Cornfox & Bros. Publisher: FDG Entertainment. Genre: Adventure. by Kirk Mckeand ......

Stringio article

Sink or swim: The making of The Drowning

Jul 8, 2013 ... Product: The Drowning. Developer: Scattered Entertainment. Publisher: DeNA. Genre: Shooter. by Kirk Mckeand ......

Stringio article

How to follow a revolution: The making of Deus Ex: The Fall

Sep 18, 2013 ... Product: Deus Ex: The Fall. Developer: Eidos-Montreal. Publisher: Square Enix. Genre: RPG, Shooter. by Kirk Mckeand ......

Open uri20140105 24964 iqzddd article

On the offensive: The making of Anomaly 2

Nov 27, 2013 ... Product: Anomaly 2. Developer: 11 bit studios. Publisher: 11 bit studios. Genre: Action, Strategy. by Kirk Mckeand ......

Her story crop r225x225 article

Howdunnit: The making of Her Story

Sam Barlow, creator of FMV detective mystery Her Story , has always been fascinated with the exploration of narrative in video games. So when a stroke of luck saw him working on Silent Hill: Shatt......

Bannersaga r225x225 article

As much as we could chew: The making of The Banner Saga

When it comes to player choice, you'd be hard pressed to find a triple-A video game studio more committed than BioWare. Creating complex characters and meaningful choices is BioWare's thing, and o......

Blekbiz r225x225 article

Twist and shout: The making of Blek

Blek  is a game about expression. Although a puzzler at heart, the game requires the player to trace a line on the touchscreen to take out set targets and avoid obstacles in their path. The l......

Framed game icon r225x225 article

How Loveshack found a new order with iOS hit Framed

Stories are often similar in their construction; like panels of a comic book, they unfold in the same direction, from the beginning to end, left to right, top to bottom. Framed dares to experiment......